Lightning Fit is an electrifying, high-powered experience – 25 min workout, 3-hour results.

At Lightning Fit, sparks ignite the moment you step through our doors, embrace our energetic atmosphere, and take your place under our blue spotlights. We are the place where you come to crush your goals, transform your body, and find the best version of yourself. We take pride in building the elite and you will leave every session feeling strong, energized, and empowered.

EMS is designed to quickly and efficiently build muscle. As your muscles work and grow, your metabolism increases, making your cells demand energy. The result?
Increased fat burning for up to 48 hours after your session.

EMS technology helps to maintain your heart rate within the key fat burning level, and increases cell oxygen consumption, maximizing caloric burn.

Our innovative style of EMS training maximizes caloric expenditure, and burns roughly between 400 – 1,000 calories in a 25 minute session.

Our workouts do not not rely on heavy weights or high impact activities to build muscles; with EMS, muscles can be strengthened and fat lost without requiring intensive impacts on your joints, so it is a great way for older people or people with joint issues to maintain their health.

Like traditional weightlifting, our EMS workout is targeted towards developing muscles by forcing key muscle groups to exert significant force. Compared to traditional weightlifting which only activates 65% of the body’s muscle fibers, our innovative EMS technology stimulates up to 95% of the body’s muscle fibers, reaching areas that conventional workouts rarely affect. No wonder the world’s top athletes, including Cristiano Ronaldo, consistently train with EMS.

Our Clients

Randy M.

“When I first heard about Lightning Fit, I found it very intriguing. Only having to exercise for 25 minutes and receiving results like I completed a 3 hour workout is amazing. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however having lost 6 lbs unintentionally and reducing my pant size are benefits that I did not expect. My goal was to become more defined in my chest, abs, back and arms. The results are much greater than I had expected. I thoroughly enjoy the exercise routine because my trainer focuses on target areas that I want to improve upon. It has helped relieve pain in my right rotator cuff and I feel stronger and healthier. I love Lightning Fit, and I always recommend it to others when I can. Being a 57 year old man and having a figure that looks similar to my 20 year old son, is pretty amazing! My kiteboarding friends, have even commented that I look more defined and fit!

Olivia D.

“Lightning Fit has been a great experience especially for someone who is not the biggest fan of working out. I have considerably improved my overall strength and can even flex my new-found abs! The environment has such a great energy and all of the trainers are extremely motivational. I highly recommend Lightning Fit to anyone who wants to tone up!”

Natalie B.

“I have worked out extremely hard my entire life. At 37 years old, I was getting tired of how much time and effort I was having to put into working out with my age and hormones. I found Lightning Fit and I’m obsessed with it. I 100% believe in it and I’ve hit my both my goals in weight loss and muscle tone. I love how much time it saves me and has really given me a boost in my self-confidence. I highly recommend this to everyone!”

Regina O.

“Lightning Fit replaced my previous 5-6 times a week workout routine that took up a tremendous amount of my time and dedication. As a busy mom, wife, and businesswoman, I can say that I am in the best shape at 41 years old. I’ve even been able to reveal my first six-pack abs! My fitness goal is to be the face and body of my clothing brand both now and in the future, and with Lightning Fit it is easy, attainable, and enjoyable!”

Sunao G.

“I’ve been doing Lightning Fit for a couple months. I like Lightning Fit because I feel like I get a great workout in 25 minutes! I can feel the workout in my deep muscles, which is what I really love. I can do regular squats all day long but after Lightning Fit I can actually feel my butt lifting! I recommend this to everybody. I think it’s a great adjunct to a regular workout regimen. It has definitely put me on a fast track to achieving my fitness goals!”

Tracy G.

“I’ve been with Lightning Fit for almost 2 months now and love that I am able to work my muscles and still sweat with low impact exercises. Also, it’s just twice per week and I’m in and out in less than an hour all in. I can feel my core getting stronger and I have more energy overall. I would recommend this to anyone who is short on time, but still wants the benefits of weight training in a gym.”

Rojin V.

“There is never a dull moment at Lightning Fit and it is something I look forward to every week. I am so lucky I found such an amazing workout.”

Annamarie C.

“The atmosphere, the enjoyment, and the happiness of the trainers that are there really make the vibe. You can have a bad day, walk-in, and your whole mindset changes. Lightning Fit makes you want to be there.”

Michele N.

“I have been training since August 2018 and I love Lightning Fit for many reasons.  From the moment I walked in on my first day, ALL of the trainers were so nice, and that has certainly not changed. All of the trainers have a different style, but each one of them is very knowledgeable and truly concerned not only about my health, but me as a person.  What makes Lightning Fit so different is that it is unlike any workout I have ever done. I am a soccer player and hiker, and I DO NOT like to go to the gym. I would rather workout on my own than be inside of a gym. Over the years I have run marathons, played tennis, hot yoga, barre classes and nothing compares to the 25 minute workout I get at Lightning Fit. If you think you are in shape, think again. I have never had a workout that works every muscle in my body at the same time. All other workouts can only focus on a few different muscles.  I love that the workouts never get easier. You have the ability to push yourself every single workout, therefore I am always improving my health and my body. Since I am 52 years old, my muscle tone was fading. Even though I still played soccer, ran, and hiked, I just couldn’t maintain the muscle tone that I used to when I was younger. Now I am so happy with muscle tone, but also I am much stronger on the soccer field. I am able to kick the ball harder and fight off players more easily than prior to Lightning Fit. Something that came as a surprise to me is that I can now sleep on my stomach. For many years I would try, but my lower back hurt too much. Now I have zero pain from sleeping on my stomach. I am over the moon about my results at Lightning Fit.”

Yvonne B.

“The people are the best part of Lightning Fit – they are all healthy and bright spirits. The energy there is awesome and it’s amazing working with people so likable and personable. This is their special sauce.”

Erin S.

“I started Lightning Fit in August 2019 after my first wedding dress fitting and it was amazing to see in about 1.5 months what going 2 times a week can do! I was very surprised in my last fitting we were able to take almost 3 inches off my dress!”

Costa Mesa Client

I feel like Lightning Fit has the sanitary and safety component all figured out! I’m appreciative of how much time they are taking to ensure everyone remains safe. I had some friends that weren’t comfortable going back to a big box gym at this time; so I recommended they try Lightning Fit!

Dana Point Client

I feel safe and comfortable working out at Lightning Fit. All the trainers wear masks, the equipment is cleaned/sanitized after every use, and there are social distancing protocols in place. They work to ensure our safety as clients!

Mobile Training Client

Using Lightning Fit’s mobile service has been a lifesaver during these uncertain times. It’s allowed me the ability to continue working on my physical fitness at a location I choose and that I feel comfortable in (my trainer meets me at a park around the corner from my house). I see first hand how they’re putting safety/health before anything else and that makes me very comfortable

Mobile Training Client

I have kids and an elderly parent in my household so going to a large gym just wouldn’t be responsible right now. Working out with Lightning Fit’s mobile service has kept me motivated and moving forward with my fitness journey.

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