"Life is dynamic, your health and wellness should be too"

Will has a Masters in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida and has worked all across the fitness industry in positions ranging from personal trainer to elementary school PE teacher. In his masters program he further cemented his knowledge on the precise sciences behind exercise and EMS training while also focusing on the psychology behind exercise. He has a great understanding and knowledge of how health and fitness isn’t just about the body, but also about the mind. He has worked as an activity therapist in psychiatric and hospital settings as well and knows how health and wellness is one of the best outlets a person can have. Will doesn’t just focus on the benefits for the body, but he also focuses on the benefits that it has on creating an overall positive life. He makes sure that your body doesn’t only respond to your workouts but that you’re enjoying what you’re doing too. He truly believes that enjoying what you’re doing only enhances the process. Will is here to make a positive impact and he is ready to do that with you.