Lightning Fit consistently strives to revolutionize the fitness industry through advanced technology and personalised programs. Our targeted fitness experience is enhanced with modern-day technology and is expertly designed to promote targeted benefits, build muscle, and improve performance. Let’s get you ready for class!

1. Prepare

Before you come in for your first EMS workout, we recommend that you hydrate with at least 20 ounces of water, confirm your session, and most importantly, get ready for an amazing, one-of-a-kind workout.

2. Arrive

Upon arrival, your trainer will conduct a 15 minute consultation with you where they further discuss our workout and technology, explore your personal fitness goals, health history, and finally have you sign our waiver.

3. Set up

After your consultation, your trainer will hand you an undersuit. You’ll change into this before you’re suited up. We provide everything for you, but suggest athletic shoes and water if so desired.

4. Suit up

Here comes the fun part – our trainers begin the suit up process! We start with watering down the electrodes found on the vest, bottoms, and arm bands to ensure optimal connection. We tighten and fit the suit to you and once complete, you’re ready to go.

5. Workout

Each 25 minute session is completely customizable to you and your needs. Whether you are looking for a full body workout or would like to target certain muscles more than others, our expert trainers create a routine that best matches your goals.

6. Recover

Recovery is key with EMS training. We recommend that after your first session you double the amount of water you intake, refrain from heavy weight lifting for 24-48 hours, eat high-protein meals, and avoid any deep tissue massages for 24 hours.

Erin S

“I started Lightning Fit in August 2019 after my first wedding dress fitting and it was amazing to see in about one and a half months what going 2 times a week can do. I was very surprised, in my last fitting we were able to take almost 3 inches off my dress!”

Yvonne B

“The people are the best part of Lightning Fit – they are all healthy and bright spirits. The energy there is awesome and it’s amazing working with people so likable and personable.  This is their special sauce!”