Mission Statement

Lightning Fit consistently strives to revolutionize the fitness industry through advanced technology and personalised programs.

Our targeted fitness experience is enhanced with modern-day technology and is expertly designed to promote targeted benefits, build muscle, and improve performance.

Built on a deep understanding of human physiology, athletic training and a belief that we can all achieve our fitness goals.

Brand promise

Our team of professional trainers not only are all Certified Personal Trainers, but also go through an intense and extensive training process completely unique to Lightning Fit. During our 4-8 week training program, each trainer develops a deep knowledge of EMS technology and studies to pass a comprehensive exam outlining safety, best practices, and overall proprietary way in which we utilize the machine. They spend weeks learning and receiving individualized hands-on experience to ensure the ultimate Lightning Fit experience. They are experts at designing personalized fitness plans for optimal health and wellness, no matter your current fitness level. Our training yields results; we build the elite.

About our Founder

Colleen founded Lightning Fit on the core belief that she should use her unique experiences and access to the best in wellness technologies to help other people achieve their fitness goals. An Orange County local, Colleen joined a big 4 accounting firm after graduating from Columbia University, where she played NCAA Division 1 volleyball. Driven to excel in the fast-paced business world as well as maintain her elite athleticism, Colleen experienced what many of us feel in our day to day lives: there is always so much to do and that staying fit is a struggle.

In the spring of 2012, crisis struck. Colleen began to feel extremely fatigued constantly and gain weight at an unexpected pace. She sought the help of doctors and specialists in Southern California, but her health continued to deteriorate.

Determined to find a solution to the mysterious illness that afflicted her, Colleen expanded her search for treatment. She sought out advice from specialized doctors around the globe, underwent treatment at revolutionary clinics in Europe, and even received stem cell therapy. After years of searching, Colleen found a cutting edge facility in Utah where she was finally diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial dysfunction that was triggered by an allergic reaction to a very strong antibiotic. Her treatment at the clinic contributed to her full recovery and with her health restored, Colleen returned to work in accounting. More cognizant of her energy levels, Colleen began to put together the optimized fitness strategy that forms the basis of Lightning Fit’s offering. Colleen was determined to return to the elite level of fitness that she had experienced before her illness, but did not have 3 hours a day to exercise like she had when in college. This drove Colleen to craft a regimen that would provide her with a world class workout supported by advanced recovery and wellness technologies, without taking up all of her time.

After thoughtful experimentation, Colleen found a combination of diet and exercise that massively improved her fitness, increased her energy, and fit well within her busy lifestyle. Having been introduced to EMS devices and a variety of powerful supplements by wellness experts, Colleen started to use these technologies to help her regain her fitness. Working with experts and undergoing one of the most rigorous fitness training certifications available in the US, Colleen began to formulate a recipe for success that would eventually drive her to the best fitness level of her life, all in less than 3 hours per week.

In early 2016, Colleen decided to leave accounting and open a personal training studio in Costa Mesa so that she could help other people achieve their fitness goals through personalized, technology-enabled training programs. She gained a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a robust personal training program in the US, and received direct training and certification from the top EMS experts in the US and Europe. Thus, Lightning Fit was born out of Colleen’s desire to help others feel as healthy as they can so that they can enjoy the happiness they deserve!

We hope you’ll join us for a workout at one of our locations to see how Lightning Fit can electrify your journey to health and help you Find Your Spark!